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Optimalogistic selected as CCIS facilitator for the Techlog project

Optimalogistic was selected as an Innovation Facilitator for the CCIS as part of the TECHLOG project in order to animate and manage the activities of the Living Lab (LL). TECHLOG project (Technology Transfer for Logistics Innovation in the Mediterranean).

  1. <2>Living Lab

    The TECHLOG Living Labs (one set in the eastern and one in the western shore of the Mediterranean area) aim at bringing together interested research organisations, private companies and operators, public authorities, and users to work together for developing and testing new training and innovation initiatives for the transport and port sectors.
    By promoting initiatives to support research-industry cooperation, the LLs are the collaborative environment where new innovation initiatives and projects are first developed using an open-innovation approach and then transferred.

  2. Description of the Techlog Project:

    Most Mediterranean sectors suffer from poor connections between research, development and education, on the one hand, and the real economy, on the other. Unfortunately, many tools used and developed by research and academic players do not correspond to the real needs of the market. Techlog wants to strengthen the links between academia and the (transport) industry (i.e. transport within port areas) in the Mediterranean region

  3. The mission:

    TECHLOG is a 30-month project (July 6, 2021-January 5, 2024) aimed at strengthening links between research and industry in the trans(port) sector by creating a permanent EU-MED cross-border space where research organizations and the (trans)port industry will be able to co-develop, test and share new Technology Transfer Initiatives based on advanced simulation technologies (for more information: )

    Duration of the mission: from February 2023 until the end of the TECHLOG project

  4. What will be inprouved?

    Facilitate the exchange of information and joint technology transfer initiatives between the academic world and the (trans)port industry in the field of advanced simulations for transport and logistics personnel. This will enable development based on knowledge, innovation and advanced simulation technologies which will contribute to the growth of the EU-MED (trans)port economy. Thanks to TECHLOG, (trans)port operators and institutions will benefit from a reference point that will allow them to co-develop and provide technology transfer in a real environment with the aim of improving the performance and competitiveness of the (trans)port sector .

  5. Our vision

    Certifications and continuing training are a major key to ensuring quality in the transport sector. We are convinced that communication between transport companies and research and training institutions can improve this sector which suffers from many failures in terms of infrastructure and optimization. Thus having a certification standard in the Mediterranean region can open up opportunities for cooperation to resolve the challenges and problems of the Med zone.

  6. Gallery

    Truck driver simulator Techlog Project


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