"The freight transport sector is the major core of the entire economy. Digitizing the freight transport sector is a national and international challenge"

We offer an Industry 4.0 solution intended for the optimization of logistics costs for a controlled transport budget.

The optimization of logistics costs and mainly the road transport of goods represents a mandatory node for any trade and industry.

This is why we offer a know-how of more than 20 years of experience combined with the latest technological innovations to win this challenge.


It is the result of the combination of logistics expertise, software and hardware.

We follow scientific approaches through artificial intelligence, BI, analytics, real-time geolocation. In addition, we offer tailor-made IoT solutions according to your business objective.

Indeed, we guide you in the optimization of schedules, the management of waiting times, the calculation of storage costs, the security of your deliveries via mobile and connected solutions.

Opt for the optimization of logistics costs with OptimaLogistic, it is cheaper with more guarantees for an Industry 4.0 approach.