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O'Express the home delivery service

Partial cessation of our activity

The impact of the Coronavirus has changed everything. The way we behave, how we work, how we relate to our friends and families.
Chez Optimalogistic, we strive not to change the quality of our services. Even though our teams are working remotely, they are working harder than ever to provide customers with Optimalogisticthe service they love: truck rentals, empty return booking, delivery planning, groupage and pallet transport.

For the best experience, we recommend using our TMS application to carry out your transactions. It represents the fastest way to place your orders and contact us in case of problems. Now let's get to the main thing...

O’Express, the new born following COVID-19

At Optimalogistic, we stand with all those affected by this terrible disease around the world. Due to the new circumstances and laws prohibiting the movement of people and vehicles except trucks carrying food products, we have decided to add a new service to our model for home food delivery:O'Express the home delivery service . Indeed, we tested this model 1 week just before the total déconfinement on a diameter of 5 km on the Gremda Afrane and teniour roads in the Sfax region. We used three trucks of capacity less than 3T which have the circulation permit. Our goal was to help citizens to be delivered to their homes without having to travel by taking advantage of our carrier network.

Deliveries are made almost free of charge to end consumers with a 4D fee per delivery (up to 50kg) including 1D for Optimalogistic and zero commissions on sales.

Optimalogistic partnership – tradespeople

A good experience withO'Express the home delivery service from which we have had a lot of feedback and lessons thanks to partnerships with vendors and convenience stores in the agro sector Mainly Pâtisserie Madame SAKKA and Miro Market. But the main heroes in this are our dear carriers whom we have to thank with all our hearts.

The Oexpress website link is here:

Looking forward to a speedy return to normal, I wish you and your family safe and healthy.

Stay cautious. Stay home. Stay with Optimalogistic


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