“The freight transport sector is the major heart of the entire economy. The digitization of the freight transport sector is a national and international issue”.

OPTIMALOGISTIC is an online platform for freight pallet transport and truck rental services.

OPTIMALOGISTIC is the new generation of transport company. We offer high quality customer service with a smart solution to connect transport professionals and B2B customers.

OPTIMALOGISTIC is currently present in Tunisia and is expanding into Africa and Europe.


Reduce freight transport costs and CO2 emissions for a clean city​

Our goal is to optimize the costs of land transport of pallets of goods and rental of trucks thanks to digital technology.

Let's make a cleaner planet! No more empty trucks! No more traffic jams!

We connect economic operators (freight forwarders, trading companies, large retailers, factories, wholesalers, etc.) with round-trip or round-trip carriers with several optimization criteria such as geo-location, loading times and unloading, the queue...

our values

No more empty return truck for a footprint to the earth

We want to disrupt the goods transportation logistical challenges to optimize the cost and duration of goods transport transactions within African countries and between Africa and abroad.

We aim to become the Airbnb of goods transportation in Africa and help international companies manage their deliveries in real time, anywhere in the world from an All-In-One platform.