Optimization of logistics and land transport of goods

Fast, efficient and economical

  • 30% cheaper
  • eco-friendly
  • Order in 3 clics

Simple and efficient

A single invoice/month and a single opposite to simplify the management of your accounts and the collection of delivery notes.

Best % Quality price

Find the nearest suitable truck from trusted carriers to save time and serve your customers on time.

Eco-friendly solution

Make a gesture to the environment by using our services. We reduce CO2 emissions and traffic congestion.

Reduced G/CO2
Transported tons / year
Verified vehicles

Why rent a truck from Optimalogistic ?

We are the ideal partner for companies and SMEs in terms of transport and handling. Save your time and avoid the hassle of organization and planning. Entrust us with all your logistical needs (rental of transport truck, handling equipment, storage, specific transport, etc.). In addition, you will have a single point of contact for billing and support.

Online rental of trucks and handling equipment

Up to -30% savings in time and cost

Optimalogistic is a simple, secure and economical solution dedicated to companies that have recurring transport and handling needs.

More than 2000 optimized deliveries
What are you waiting for to join our family

The largest carrier network in North Africa

Equipped trucks and 100% certified carriers

We rely on the satisfaction of our customers and our know-how as the key to success.

In an ecological spirit, we promote the filling of empty spaces in trucks to reduce traffic jams on the roads and CO2 emissions.

SEMI-TRAILER / SEMI FLATBED / semi drop side / heavy truck cab / heavy weight drop side / passenger van / passenger flatbed / truck with tailgate / truck with tarpaulin / truck with belts

How to use our solution

The Optimalogistic solution in action

Register your company on our TMS and wait for an advisor to validate your account within 24/48 hours.

Log in and fill out your truck rental request with the details of your deliveries (date, type of truck, destination, tonnage, etc.). You immediately receive an estimate of the theoretical price based on the mileage

Your requests are dispatched to our network and the first driver who will accept your requests will be assigned to this delivery. You receive all the details and you can follow your delivery in real time.

Register your company on our TMS and wait for an advisor to validate your account within 24/48 hours

Connect and receive truck rental requests in real time with your delivery details (date, type of truck, destination, tonnage, etc.). You immediately receive an estimate of the theoretical price based on the mileage

Once accepted, you receive all customer contact information. Deliver the goods and validate the status by scanning the Delivery Note. The actual document must be returned to Optimalogistic to ensure payment.

Identify your needs and do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to provide you with advice and satisfaction.

Choice by nature and type of vehicles

Refrigerated transport

Suitable for the transport of vaccines and medicines, food (Temp. from -20°C).

Construction and handling machinery

For your handling needs, your construction works or your long-term sites.

Oil and petroleum sector

Fuel transport or your regular needs in trucks or warehouse with VIP assistance

Truck rental

Rental of pickup, heavy goods vehicle or semi with trailer or flatbed from 1T to 25T

Choice by type of service


Transport in groupage mode by pallet or by weight according to your criteria.


Storage of your stock in our warehouse and final delivery to your customers


Rent in SAS mode equipped and secure warehouses throughout Tunisia

Request for annual contract or fixed prices

  • Enjoy the flexibility and ease of VIP support
  • Avoid unexpected price increases throughout the year.
  • Plugin & Play solution with your management softwarePlugin & Play solution with your management software
Additional annual cost savings for an SME
+++ 29%
Save time before booking through our support team
++++ 42%
Additional time saving during delivery (follow-up, verification)
++++ 55%
Additional time saving after delivery (collection of BL/invoices)
++++ 35%

UN Sustainable Development Goals


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Customer reviews

On est très satisfait du service mis a notre disposition (Camions, chauffeurs et programmation) pour la distribution des vaccins CIVID 19 de notre dépôt centrale à la Soukra au divers dépôts sur tous le territoire national..
Nabil Ben Ammar
Responsable juridique et gestion du patrimoine


Smart logistics through digital

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